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 BS Player Pro v2.50.1017 Multilingual Incl. Keymaker-CORE

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تاريخ التسجيل : 29/11/2009

مُساهمةموضوع: BS Player Pro v2.50.1017 Multilingual Incl. Keymaker-CORE   الخميس يناير 14, 2010 10:25 am

BS Player Pro v2.50.1017 Multilingual Incl. Keymaker-CORE

BS.Player is a Windows based multimedia player that plays all types of
media files (AVI / MPG / ASF / WMV / WAV / AVCHD / FLV YouTube videos /
MP3) and specializes in video and DivX playback. Main features: display
subtitles, support custom subtitles position, color, font,
transparency, supported formats: MicroDVD, subviewer, SubRip; fully
skinnable � any shape, transparent skins; resizable movie window;
multilingual, drag and drop support; command line support; pan-scan and
custom pan-scan option; custom aspect ratios; playlist support;
resolution changing; frame capture; AVI files with more than 2 audio
streams supported (multi-language); support for OGM files, including
more then 2 audio/video tracks, supports embedded subtitles/chapters;
external audio file supported; S/PDIF output supported for AC3 files.


# Playback of AVCHD video new (Advanced Video Codec High Definition)
format used in Canon, JVC, Panasonic, and Sony digital tapeless

# Support for global multimedia keyboard keys

# Play YouTube streaming HD video new

# Save YouTube streaming video to local disk new

# Customizable Audio Equalizer

# Support for Capture and Tuner devices (and Teletext support)

# Capture Video from capture device to hard disk

# Integrated subtitle editor

# Network file buffering (fluid playback of remote media files)

# DVD support with highly functional DVD Front-End

# Be eligible for all BS.Player upgrades for the full duration of your license

Capture Video to file

You can capture video from any source directly into any format that
your preinstalled codecs support (such as most popular DivX, XviD,

Integrated subtitle editor

Easy to use but extremely powerful subtitle editor. Edit and convert
various FPS rates to the ones you need (23FPS to 25FPS for example),
correct bad subtitle timings and save repaired subtitle to a .srt

Network file buffering

BS.Player PRO will buffer desired portion of a multimedia file to a
cache, and play it from cache instead of playing it directly from the
hard drive. You can buffer from CD drives, network drives, wireless
networks... No more laggy playback!

DVD playback

Play all your DVD's with low CPU requirement and with highest quality. (3rd party mpeg-2 decoder required)

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مُساهمةموضوع: رد: BS Player Pro v2.50.1017 Multilingual Incl. Keymaker-CORE   الجمعة يناير 15, 2010 11:23 am

ok basha
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BS Player Pro v2.50.1017 Multilingual Incl. Keymaker-CORE
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